Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tonight I went out for an evening run.  It really was beautiful, just me and the river.

It was dark, couldnt have been more than 30 degrees out and haivng just gotten home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was run.  I forced myself out, and as usual was warm in minutes... glad I was there.  The entire way down the river, I kept thinking to myself how great it was, questioning why I would ever hesitate just because of the cool temperatures.  Turning around I realized that I had been running with the wind and now was looking at 2 miles back, this time against the wind.  To be honest, I now remembered what had spawned the heistation earlier.  It was cold.

I am trying to increase my speed on these shorter runs.  Tonight I did 1 mile as fast as I could, took a short break, did 2 miles at my normal pace and finished with my final mile again at a faster pace.

Not sure that tonight was all that encouraging.  I miss the midday runs.

Also, sorry that I use so many "I's"


S:suphia said...

I guess people all love "I"s,lol.
by the way, it seems a marathon is 42.2KM which means 105 circles around our football field.OMG!!!!!!

R. Simpson said...

me hate I's.