Thursday, January 15, 2009

losing steam

Had a somewhat easy week.  I had planned to do another long run Sunday, but my foot thought otherwise.  Looks like I have had my first set back in training.  The muscle that runs along my big toe to my foot has hurt like crazy all week.  It's all I can do to run and I've been afraid that I am going to make it worse if i push it any.

Yesterday, while doing one of my random pushup sets, I realized this was likely the cause.  I'll probably stop doing these until after the big run.

The temperatures haven't cooperated much this week, so I've spent all but yesterday night at the gym.  I had tried for the treadmill early in the week, but with my foot as bad as it is have had to settle for the crazy moon-shoe elliptical machine.  I plan to lift hard tomorrow, take a couple more days off and shoot for a 10+ mile run on Monday.  

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S:suphia said...

i'm back home now. it's rainning here . i can barely get used to the weather anymore....