Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sadly, I haven't had much to post about this week. Chances are you've heard of the ice storm (with the exception of my faithful Beijing follower, Suphia) that ripped through the Midwest. It, no doubt, put me out of action and kept me locked up in the house for a few days. A year ago, being stuck in the house with little to nothing to do would have sounded amazing, but now it seems more like torture. 8 hours of work, far to easy of access to an espresso machine and a drafty old house c. 1932 are trouble.

I had taken Friday and Saturday off so that I would be ready for my big run on Sunday. Sunday came, and it was far to cold for me to even consider going out. Not sure what my excuse was for not going to the gym, but I didn't.

I'm still reluctant to do push ups after my foot issues a week or two. By Tuesday I didn't care and was back to doing what I could on commercial breaks and tooling around in my roommates "home gym".

Tonight, I finally decided I was going to get out. The roads seemed much worse from my porch than they actually were. I should have known that the main roads would be tended to and poor little S Jackson Ave would be overlooked. I made it to the gym safely, did my typical solo routine. As I suspected, running sucked worse than normal. I really hate taking that many days off because it takes me a several trips just to get back to where I was a week ago.

On a more positive note, what little food I had bought monday was all green vegetables. I ate plenty and according to tonights weigh-in, ive lost 3lbs since last week. Guess thats telling me something. Incase I haven't mentioned it recently, I started all this somewhere in the neighborhood of 215lbs. As of tonight, I am down to 182. Not bad for a little more than three months work.

If all goes as planned, this weekend is to be 15 miles.


R. Simpson said...

Great job, Elias.

A Force to Be Reckoned With said...

To avoid straining your foot, you can do modified push-ups. I'm so proud of you!