Thursday, October 30, 2008

Total Miles: 21

Welcome back to another blog de Eli.

I was excited to get my most recent Woot! purchase yesterday evening….the most amazing blender ever.  I can now make fruit smoothies with the best of them.  This baby can turn a bucket of ice into snow in just a few seconds.  I officially started the morning off with a glass of strawberries, banana, yogurt, flax, peanut butter and honey.    Loved every ounce.

Lately we have had a run of incredible weather.  Tuesday and Wednesday I hit the trail for my 3 mile jaunt.  There is no doubt that running outside packs more of a punch than the elliptical.  I am starting to question my technique.   I am half tempted to stop one of the 50-somethings casually flying by me at what would be my sprint and ask what I’m doing wrong.  Then again, wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not just something that takes time to develop. 

Today I got stuck working late and despite the 70 degree, perfect evening I couldn’t get myself outside.  These early nights are killing me.  Plan to hit it hard tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great weekend


Taylor Fox said...


Mike said...

Ya "Flax" it's runner lingo for some really healthy stuff us runners put in our drinks. I'm sure you wouldn't understand "masked fox." When was the last time you even went on a run!!!?

meng said...

glad that you are on your way.
I am going to KPMG center for a test this weekend.Anyway,go on with your running.