Monday, October 27, 2008

Take Two

Total Miles: 15

Hello again guys and welcome back to my blog.

Things are defiantly getting easier. Looking back, I kind of wish I had been doing this whole "eating 5-6 times a day" thing all along. I’m surprised with how little it takes me to get full and even more surprised with how soon it came about. Not even a week into all this, and I would say that I have cut my per sit-down food intake a solid 63.47%, give or take. Seriously though, being able to just snack all day is pretty nice. But enough about that.

I had planned to take Sunday off, seeing as it was all I could do to stand up Saturday night. After a day of doing nothing, I decided I should probably get out and if I am going to get out I may as well hit the gym for a bit. I tried to redo most of what I had learned in my training session, 30 minutes on the elliptical and I hit the sauna.

Monday was a chili cook-off at work. Nobody can resist a United Way Benefit Chili Cook-off. So I did eat some chili, but nothing excessive.

I thought it looked to be a nice night for running, but stepping out from the office proved that looks can be deceiving. It was cold, windy and not what I am looking for in weather for a casual evening run. Wound up at the gym again with Dan. I did another half hour on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the treadmill and another trip to the sauna.


Taylor Fox said...

"my goal is not necessarily beating anyone or even finishing the race"

you said that on the previous post...just wanted to let you know your goal is to finish.

Eli said...

Nah...if I slim down getting there but don't finish, I won't be too bummed.

meng said...

well it's difficult to start but even more difficult to keep on running. no bother to think so much