Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've decided that today is going to be a catch up day. I hit it pretty hard last night in the gym and feel like I could use today as an opportunity to update everyone on more than just workout routines.

With that said, I'd like to take some time to thank our first two Race To Rome sponsors, J.T. Griffin and Arctic Shield. We really do appreciate your donations and look forward to seeing what we can do for Isabel's House in the next few months.

Taylor has continued to do a great job of promoting our group and as a result we are getting more and more visitors. A New Eli is up to nearly 400 visitors, representing 8 states, China and even Zagreb, Croatia (If you are reading this and are from Zagreb, Croatia please drop me a line....just curious how you came across the site).  

Our facebook group is up to 91 members and we have even served as an inspiration to Mr. Robert Simpson. Everyone should check out his site and track his progress. I've known Bobby for years and am really proud of how far he's come. I have no doubt he'll get to where he wants to be and I think the blog is a great idea. If you get a chance, drop by his page and give him a comment to show your support....it blows my mind how much motivation I get from all of this.

Thanks again to everyone for visiting

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Total Miles: 85

It’s been a fairly typical week.  Hit the gym with Dan when it was too cold and ran when it wasn't.  I'm trying to step my runs up to a minimum of 5 miles when I get out and trying to get out more often than I had the past couple of weeks.  We had a run of amazing weather this weekend and I would have been crazy not to take advantage.  

I had 2 drinks last night and could believe how much it affected me this afternoon.  I could feel a huge difference in my strength and endurance.  It is amazing how much I notice how things like that now that I am trying to be active ….Anyhow, I took a new route to try and get up around 6 miles.  I crossed the river and ran into all kinds of areas that I had no idea existed. 

First was a decent looking skate park that was packed with punky high school kids.  Kind of fun to watch though.  Next was an area devoted to the Tulsa Row Club.  Had no idea we had anything like that going on.  There must have been 50 people out front using rowing machines and tending to their boats.  It looked like a good time, maybe something worth looking into.   My last find was a roller hockey rink.  There were two full teams and a reasonable crowd watching.

I will probably make this my new everyday route.  I think it was right on the edge of 6.5 hours and comes with an awesome view of the city for most of the way back.  Hopefully this weather will continue and I will get enough material for more than one blog post per week.